The Organisation


FISEC as an organisation has one executive body, the FISEC Bureau and two permanent commissions, the Commission Technique Internationale (CTI – International Technical Committee) and the Commission Internationale de Réflection Pédagogique et Pastorale (CIRPP – International Committee of Educational and Pastoral Reflection).
Futhermore FISEC has 14 member countries.

Our Members Click for the list of member countries and their schoolsport organisations.

Bureau Exécutif, for the period 2022 – 2026:

  • Lies Janssen (the Netherlands) - President

  • Marie Guyon (France) - Statutory Secretary

  • Cor Weerts (the Netherlands) - Treasurer

  • Leonard Falzon (Malta) - Vice President

  • Zsolt Vazul (Hungary) - Vice President

  • Herman Van Driessche, from August 2023: Bart Goossens (Flanders) - Member, president CTI

  • Didier Dias (France) - Member, president CIRPP

  • Leanne Camilleri (Malta) - Bureau Secretary

Bureau Exécutif 2022-2026

The mandate of the Bureau members is for a period of 4 years. In 2026 there will be elections again. Bureau members can be re-elected. Members are elected ‘à titre personnel’ and should have the nationality of one of the FISEC member countries. The Bureau meets 3 times per annum and:

  • directs the Federation in accordance with its Statutes and  the guidelines set by the General Assembly;

  • maintains connections with other international organisations;

  • submits to the General Assemby,  the various reports, results of studies and deliberations of its commissions.

The Commission Technique Internationale (CTI), for the period 2022 – 2026

  • CTI President: Herman Van Driessche, from August 2023: Bart Goossens (Flanders) 

  • Secretary: Zsolt Vazul (Hungary)

  • OTI (Officiel Technique International) athletics: Serge Rigot (France)

  • OTI basketball: Marc Kerckhofs (Flanders)

  • OTI football: Didier Paris (France)

  • OTI futsal: Javier Esteban (Spain)

  • OTI swimming: Truus Boogaard (the Netherlands)

  • OTI volleyball: -

The responsibility of the CTI is to:

  • develop the regulations of sporting competitions and ensure their implementation at international games;

  • advise the host countries;

  • ensure the quality of sport and logistics during the FISEC Games;

  • give expert advice on technical matters.

The Commission Internationale de Réflection Pédagogique et Pastorale (CIRPP), for the period 2022 – 2026

  • CIRPP President: Didier Dias (France)

  • Secretary: Jane Kappers (the Netherlands)

  • Advisor: Gert Van Damme (Flanders)

The CIRPP distinguishes FISEC from other sporting events around the world in that it gives FISEC a Christian and cultural identity. It seeks to promote fair play, human values and cultural exchanges during the games.

During the FISEC Games the CIRPP develops and is responsible for:

  • the solidary market (Bazar);

  • the FISEC youth forum;

  • the opening and closing ceremonies;

  • the Eucharistic celebration.

FISEC in Latin America

FISEC also wants to invite countries in Latin America to the games. Brazil and Chile recently participated.
Latin America Click for information and to meet our ambassador Jose Medalha.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam On this page we commemorate people from our Fisec family who have passed away in recent years.