The FISEC Games

athletics4Sports Events and Rules of Participation
Every year, FISEC offers games organised by an affiliated federation. The Organising Committee presents at the General Assembly the sports to be included in the programme. They are selected from the list below:

Individual events : athletics, swimming, tennis, table tennis (badminton, cross-country)
Team events: basket-ball, hand-ball, volleyball, football (soccer), futsal

Participation to these events is restricted to pupils registered in a school which they regularly attend, whatever their nationality. Participants, boys and girls, must not be older than 17 on 31st December of the year of the Games.

For team events, members of the team may come from the same school, or from different schools. For individual events, it is a national selection by member countries.
Other events may be organised under the aegis of FISEC, provided they have previously been approved by the Executive Committee.