The FISEC Games

Sports Events and Rules of Participation


Since 1948 FISEC has been engaged in organising Games, executed by an affiliated or partner federation. Candidacies to organise the Games are proposed during the FISEC General Assembly (GA). After approval by the GA an official contract is signed between FISEC and the candidate country. After the signing the Organising Country can start with the preparations for the Games. For the organisation of the Games, the FISEC Handbook is the guiding document and its rules and regulations are mandatory. The ownership of the Games remains with FISEC.

In 2012/2013 FISEC started exploring a partnership with FICEP. In 2014 this resulted in jointly organised Games in Vienna. In 2017 the partnership was officiated.

Depending on the possibilities of the Organising Country, both individual and team events will be suggested during the General Assembly. The final sports programme will depend on the inscriptions per sport. A minimum of 4 countries is mandatory to organise a particular sport. The last few years the sports below have been on the programme.

Individual events : athletics, swimming, tennis, table tennis (badminton, cross-country)
Team events: basketball, handball, volleyball, football (soccer), futsal

Participation to these events is restricted to youngsters from member and partner organisations, whatever their nationality or religion. Participants, boys and girls, must not be older than 17 on December 31 of the year of the Games. Each year the birth years for participation are indicated during the General Assembly (age group 15-17).

For team events, members of the team may come from the same school, or from various schools. For individual events, it may be a national selection or a group of athletes selected otherwise by the member organisation.
Other events than the Games may be organised under the aegis of FISEC, provided they have previously been proposed by the Executive Bureau and approved by the General Assembly.

Timetable of the FISEC week

Day 0

Arrival of the FISEC bureau and the OTI’s

Meeting of the OTI’s

Meeting of the organising committee

Day 1

Arrival of the delegations

Inscriptions, accreditation, housing

Presentation of the games

Technical meetings per sport with the coaches

Meeting of the delegation leaders

Day 2


Training for swimming and athletics

Cultural program

Opening ceremony

Day 3


Cultural program

Youth forum

Meeting of the delegation leaders

Day 4


Cultural program

Holy Mass

Official dinner

Free evening

Day 5


Cultural program

Bazar with parade

Official reception

Day 6

Competitions and finals

Medal ceremonies

Closing ceremony

Farewell party

Day 7

Departure of the delegations

A week in a glance Click for details on all the activities.

FICEP-FISEC Games 2023 Dunkerque (France)

During the FISEC General Assembly of 2021 the Games for 2023 were officially awarded to FISEC member country France.

From July 10 to 16 Dunkerque, a coastal city in northwestern France, will be the host for the FISEC-FISEC Games. These games will be organised and executed under the auspices of both FISEC and FICEP, in accordance with the rules and regulations of both organisations.

FISEC-FICEP 2023 Click for more information about the 2023 games and an introduction of the city of Dunkerque. The website of the games will soon be online.

FISEC Games history

Games history Click for the history of the FISEC Games from 1948 to present, including posters and photo impressions.

FISEC Records

Documents Here you can find the list of FISEC records in athletics and swimming.