A week in a glance

The FISEC Games are more than just a sports tournament. They provide enormous opportunities for young people around the world to meet. Social and cultural goals are even important as sportive achievements.

The games start with an opening ceremony in which all delegations, standing up behind their flags, are welcomed. The organising country presents itself with cultural performances, followed by the official opening of the games.

For 5 days the sports competitions are held. In addition to these sportive highlights, several social and cultural activities are organised throughout the week.

The youth village is a meeting place where the participants can come all day and make contacts. In the youth forum discussions are held in connection with social themes. The Eucharistic celebration is the expression of the catholic character of FISEC.

The bazar, preceded by a colorful parade behind the different flags, is a cultural exchange evening. The young participants show the characteristics of their country and their culture to the others. During the bazar the youngsters collect money for a charity project.

The organising country also provides an excursion in which the cultural and historical highlights of the host city are visited.

The apotheosis of the FISEC week is on the 6th day, with the final matches of each sport, followed by the presentation of the medals. At the closing ceremony the fair play trophies are awarded and the games are solemny closed. This evening is also spiced up by cultural performances. Afterwards, a big farewell party follows.