History of FISEC

FISEC was born from the desire of its promotors to draw the attention of the public opinion to the growing importance of physical activity and sport and to encourage the decision makers in education, especially in Catholic education, to give these activities ample scope in the physical, human and Christian education of young people.

In 1946, My Lord BARBIER de la SERRE, Pro-Rector of ‘Institut Catholique de Paris’, Mr BOUVIER, General Secretary of ‘Union Générale Sportive de l’Enseignement Libre (UGSEL)’ in France, Professor Pierre-Paul DE NAYER (Belgium) and Mr WALSH (United Kingdom) were the initiators of FISEC.

After several school tournaments in football between the United Kingdom, Belgium and France – in 1946 and 1947 – the first international committee was created. The official birth certificate of FISEC was drawn up between 3rd and 6th January 1948, in Brussels, with membership of the United Kingdom, Belgium and France. The affiliation with The Netherlands was realized on 10th January 1948 and with Switzerland in February 1948.

The first FISEC Games, which were limited to athletic meetings, were organized in Monte-Carlo in August 1948 without Belgium where a national federation had not been set up yet. In the same year Professor Pierre-Paul DE NAYER became the first President. He put all his energy to develop FISEC.

In December 1952 Spain joined FISEC. In 1953 the Games were organized in Ostend (Belgium) and the first Games for girls were organized in 1959 in Louvain (Belgium).

Since 1972 the collaboration between the organizers of the female and male Games became closer to achieve the establishment of mixed Games in 1980. From that moment FISEC organized Spring and Summer Games until 1998 when they continued only with Summer Games.

The 40th FISEC Games were celebrated in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) in 1988.
The 50th FISEC Games were celebrated in Canary Islands – Las Palmas (Spain) in 1998.
The 60th FISEC Games were celebrated in Bugibba (Malta) in 2008.
The 70th FISEC Games were celebrated in Genk (Belgium) in 2018.

FISEC has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee since July 1995.

In 2011 FISEC started to explore a partnership with FICEP, an organisation with similar values and objectives. The aim of the partnership was enable both organisations to continue organising international Games through their respective member countries. In 2014 both organisations jointly organised Games in Vienna. In 2017 the collaboration was officiated. Participation in the Games is open to both FISEC and FICEP members as well as their potential members and invited organisations.
Visit the FICEP website: www.ficep.org

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