FISEC is an international schoolsport organisation. FISEC’s members are national sports and schoolsports organisations with a catholic signature. The main objective of FISEC is to organise every year the FISEC Games. Participation in the FISEC Games is open to members and potential members. The FISEC Games are for the age-group 15 – 17, boys and girls. At least 4 countries need to partcipate in a competition.
Sports on the programmeindividual sports: athletics (track and field), swimming, table tennis, tennis;  teamsports: basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball, soccer. Which sports are actually organised will depend on the preliminary inscriptions. At least 3 countries need to participate in a competition.
The FISEC Games are organised by one of FISEC’s member organisations and usually take place in the second week of July. The games last 5 days and apart from the sports programme a lot of attention is being paid to cultural and educational aspects.

The programme features Opening and Closing Ceremonies with cultural components, a Youth Forum, the Bazar, a Theme and Slogan for the Games and a social evening for the youngsters. Educational values are at the core of  FISEC, we are not just another sports organisation.

The sports within FISEC are of a high level. Programme, facilities, rules and regulations are in accordance with international standards and laid down in the annually updated FISEC Handbook. All sports are organised together with the local official organisations and referees. In addition each competition is accompanied by a FISEC OTI who has the task to observe both sports and educational values within the tournament. An important feature within the sportsprogramme is the so called “Circle of friendship and respect” and the Fairplay trophy which is part of each competition.

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