FISEC-FICEP Games 2023 Dunkerque (France)

The FISEC-FICEP Games will be held from 10 to 16 July. UGSEL, the French Federation of school sports in private education will be the organisor.

Dunkerque Here you can find an introduction to the city of Dunkerque and its history.

On the website International UGSEL you can download the presentation of the Games, the general program and the detailed program for each sport.

The contract was signed on November 2022 at the General Assembly of FISEC by St├ęphane Danjou, president UGSEL nationale, Gerhard Hauer, president FICEP and Lies Janssen, president FISEC.

We expect more than 900 girls and boys born in 2006, 2007 and 2008 from the following countries: Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain.

They will participate in several cultural activities and 7 sports competitions: athletics, basketball, futsal, handball, swimming, table tennis and volleyball.

Participation per sport

  • Athletics:
    Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Flanders, France (UGSEL), Germany, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands.
  • Basketball boys:
    Austria, Chile, Flanders, France (UGSEL), Italy, Portugal, Spain.
  • Basketball girls:
    Austria, Chile, Flanders, Portugal, Spain A, Spain B.
  • Futsal boys:
    Brazil, Czech Republic, France (UGSEL), Hungary A, Hungary B, India, Portugal, Spain.
  • Handball boys:
    Brazil, France A (UGSEL), France B (UGSEL), Germany, Hungary.
  • Swimming:
    Austria, Chile, France (FSCF), France (UGSEL), Ireland, Malta, Netherlands.
  • Table tennis:
    Austria, France (FSCF), France (UGSEL), Romania.
  • Volleyball boys:
    Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Flanders, France (UGSEL), Portugal.
  • Volleyball girls:
    Austria, Chile, Flanders, France (UGSEL), Hungary, India, Portugal.

Click here for the drawing of the team competitions