Z 2022 Klagenfurt

host city of the
23-29 July 2022


Klagenfurt is located on the left bank of the Wörthersee Lake around 450m above sea-level. The city, which spreads along 120 km², is the capital of the Land of Carinthia as well as the largest city in Carinthia with 100 000 inhabitants. Klagenfurt contains an international airport, a University, a big football stadium, the Land’s government head office, the administrative district of Klagenfurt-Land and the Diocese of Gurk. Many prestigious buildings are situated in the old town of Klagenfurt along with the national emblem, the “Dragon”.

For more information about the city and the surroundings go to https://www.visitklagenfurt.at

Visit the website of the FICEP-FISEC Games 2022 on https://2022.ffgames.info

Participation per sport

  • Athletics:
    Austria, Flanders, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands.
  • Basketball boys:
    Austria, Flanders, Italy, Palestine, Portugal.
  • Basketball girls:
    Austria A, Austria B (Carinthia), Flanders, Portugal.
  • Futsal boys:
    Austria, Czech Republic A, Czech Republic B, Hungary, Portugal.
  • Swimming:
    Austria, Chile, France, Malta, Netherlands.
  • Table tennis:
    Austria, France, Germany, Romania.
  • Volleyball boys:
    Austria, Flanders, France, Germany, Portugal.
  • Volleyball girls:
    Austria, Flanders, Germany, Hungary, Portugal.